About us

Brad and I Arsenal Stadium
At Sapphire Cleaning, we believe in creating and supporting an important work/life balance for both our clients and our employees. 
After several years of juggling being a mum with shift work and qualification courses, I decided to improve my own work/life balance to have more time with my family. With a shortage on jobs that coincided with school times, I created my own, doing something that I love, knowing that it would also help other people to have more valuable time with their families & friends. This enabled me to be there for every school pick up, to walk with my son to school in the mornings, take him to his after school clubs and be there to cheer him on at his football matches on the weekends. I felt very lucky to have found a solution that meant I was able to do all of these things whilst working & studying, but not missing out on these moments as my son was growing up. 
I wanted to help other people to have more time for their families, friends and doing the things that they enjoy; both our clients and our employees.